12" Long Traxxas Wheeliebars

12" Long Traxxas Wheeliebars

Please note these are now made to order,Please allow 3-4 day turn around

*Traxxas Wheels or Gold Screws not inculded,Comes with Bearing/O-Ring Wheels as per standard on all our bars and black steel screws*

12" Long between mounting points to center of rear wheels,Sample photos are fitted on a DR10M,This bar is designed for a Mid Mount setup not rear as will be too long as per no prep rules which are 14" from Rear axle to Wheeliebar wheel so just take note

These are designed with 55mm Touring car shocks in mind,However anything upto around 100mm will work,Mounts for wheels are 3d printed in a carbon infused material to allow a fail point before carbon will break

Also inculded is a Skyrc GNSS mount,Just note if running shocks inboard will be unable to run it


What you will require 50-100mm Shocks and spacers to suit spacing shock out from bars and hardware to suit