10" Long Traxxas Wheeliebars

10" Long Traxxas Wheeliebars

*Traxxas Wheels not inculded,Comes with Bearing/O-Ring Wheels as per standard on all our bars*

These are designed with 55mm Touring car shocks in mind,However 50mm and 60mm may also work,If you pick shock pack you will get 2 Yeah Racing Grey Shocks with 4 compounds of shocks,replacement pistions and hardware needed to mount,NO Shock oil is inculded

What you will be supplied with is 

2x Carbon Wheeliebar Sides
6x Standoffs with Button Head Screws

1x Standoff no Hardware for tieing two shocks together
1x Wheel assembly
2x Flanged Bearings

What you will require for no shock Units

-55mm Shocks
-Spacers to suit spacing shock out from bars and Hardware to suit