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Gen 2 RevXS Customs Drag Bike

Gen 2 RevXS Customs Drag Bike

Gen 2 Bike is finally here!

95% Redo over last Gen Foam Wheel bike improving in many areas

Bike now has a lower LCG,Lowering the center of gravity decreases the likelihood of tipping over, which is especially critical at High Speeds

Also now features a Layshaft design to allow a normal Spur and Pinion for more tuning options paired up with a new improved belt setup which is wider with bigger teeth to allow more power transfer without risk of slipping,

Front body Mounting has been changed from a single standoff which only allowed a short m3 screw to now be able to accept a much longer 10mm screw to reduce changes of stripping threads

Main bolt for triple tree setup been incrased from 3mm to 4mm to remove another area people had issues,Still does leave Front axle as a weak  point but is much faster to replace at a meeting than tearing frontend down

This bike inculdes Clear Body shell,Front wheel and is 95% assembled

You will require your own Rear Foam wheel(1.750" x 2.750") which can be brought from following places

TM RC Racing -
My Tobbies
Extreme RC Hobbies
Michaels RC Hobbies

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