No Prep Tyre Bands

No Prep Tyre Bands

SKU: Tyreband
No Prep Tyre Bands to suit 2.2" Rears,Designed to help stop balooning your rears and risking snapping your foam inserts

Will fit all standard SCT 2.2/3.0 tyres mounted on stock plastic SCT wheels. Tires Inc Proline (Hoosiers / Primes) Jconcepts (Hotties) De Racing (Phenoms)

May need trimming to suit some tyres, due to webbing on sidewalls

These are untested on beadlock rims,some trimming of foam itself many required to make work,buy at own risk

Inserts are 38mm Wide
*Note as these are a 3d printed product in TPU some stringing may be visable from printing process at high temps to ensure the product will not snap under high RPMs,Colours also may vary depending on stock*