R1 Wurkz Digital 3 "Superstock" ESC/Wifi Module and Volta 13.5t Combo

R1 Wurkz Digital 3 "Superstock" ESC/Wifi Module and Volta 13.5t Combo

These are on order from our supplier ETA is End of April



  • LCG full aluminum case and heat sink design
  • Full compatibility with competition level stock racing
  • Superlative FET and low-resistance power PCB design
  • Cool Power software/hardware upgrades increase speed while reducing motor temperature by modifying the commutation algorithm
  • New Auto Turbo / Boost timing setting and delay time setting
  • New X-Lock brake response mode and PWM / brake frequency allows various race and control types
  • Data port for connecting to Wireless adaptor
  • Wireless adaptor allows program parameter settings and firmware upgrades
  • LIVE ESC and motor telemetry (speed, temperature, current, voltage, RPM and battery consumption) can be stored in real time with the data log

Programmable Items

  • Model Type Memory
  • Select Battery Type
  • Cut Off Voltage
  • Power Curve
  • Boost Max+TB
  • Boost-TH. Limit
  • Boost Min-rpm
  • Boost Max-rpm
  • Turbo Delay
  • Turbo + Slope
  • Turbo - Slope
  • Acceleration
  • Start Power 
  • Smooth Start Rate
  • Smooth Start Range
  • Reverse Function
  • Reverse Delay
  • M- Reverse Amount
  • Neutral Width
  • Motor Direction
  • Brake Response
  • FAN Control
  • Drag Brake
  • Min Brake Amount
  • Mid Brake Amount
  • Mid Brake Location
  • Max Brake Amount
  • Soft Brake
  • Brake Freq
  • Motor Freq
  • Drag Freq
  • Cut Off Temp
  • Cut Off M-Temp
  • B.E.C Voltage
  • Motor Pole Num
  • Gear Ratio
  • Tire Diameter
  • Motor-Wiring ABC or CBA
  • Units
  • Download
  • Factory Setting
  • Live and Maximum Voltage
  • Live and Maximum Temp
  • Max Temperature
  • Motor Temp
  • Motor Max Temp
  • Live and Maximum amp draw (for setting timing)
  • Maximum Speed
  • Maximum RPM
  • Error History


  • Motor Type - Sensored / 2-4 Pole Sensored
  • Motor Limit - >13.5T 
  • Operating voltage - 7.4V (2S)
  • Forward / Brake / Reverse - yes
  • Full aluminum case / heatsink - yes
  • Typ. Voltage Drop @20A per phase - 0.0048V
  • Rated Current per phase - 100A 
  • BEC Output - 6V/7.4V Continuous Current of 3A
  • Multi-Protection-System - yes
  • “Boost 0” Mode - yes
  • Multi-frequency system - yes
  • Power Wires - 14 AWG pre installed wires 
  • Over the air Update ability - yes
  • Case Size(with out fan) - 32.9 x 34.6 x 21mm
  • Weight(with out cable) - 46g

 Wireless adapter is necessary to make setting changes to this ESC, the program box doesn't work for the Digital-3 Super Stock 

ROAR, BRCA and EFRA Approval Pending.

The Volta motors lines up right next to our proven V21-S with 13.5,17.5,21.5 and 25.5 turn options.This motor produces a ton of punch, mid range and top end. The sleek can design is made for maximum cooling characteristics which helps with this motors efficiency during the longer runs. When testing these Volta Motors with team drivers, we were jumping triples in offroad that nobody else could consistently, with minimal fade during the run.These motors come with the All New Volta Long Rotor for maximum torque/ overall performance out of the box, no need for any upgrades! The Volta line also allows for quick disassembly and easy access to the sensor board when/ if needed.Get yours now!RCRA/BRCA/EFRA Approved (ROAR Approval Pending)