RC Wheel Balancer/Sander

RC Wheel Balancer/Sander

Designed mainly for No Prep Drag racing,This simple tool helps balance insure your wheel is as balanced as possiable,

These are Printed in Nylon Carbon Filament with precision 5mm ground shaft to be sure any inbalance is the rim itself

Why is this important,Making sure wheels are balanced will remove vibrations which only gets worse higher in the RPM range you go,Removing this will improve how smooth it gos down track also improving overall speed and handling like would in a real car

This also doubles up as a tyre sander,Do recommending removing shaft and putting into drill how ever there is enough pokeout you can attach drill and leave base attached

Method for balancing is pretty simple,Bolt wheel down using the thumb screw

Spin the wheel will see any heavy spots will natrually rock itself to the bottom,Add your Tyre balancing clay(No provided any automotive store will sell this) to top side of rim right up between barrel and face of rim on on the back side

Then simply repeat the spin test untill can see there is no real heavy spots working way to bottom