Working Scale 2 Post Lift STL Files

Working Scale 2 Post Lift STL Files

Here we have STL files for a working Scale 2 Post lift,We only ever built one of these and never got around to building anothing and doesnt look like will be any time soon,We have provided the basic parts used for this builds,There is no full guide for this build so a little DIY know how is required

Provided will be all STL files you need to print along with some guide pictures and also a basic list of Electrics you will need to buy,Such as Motor,Motor Controller,Threaded Rod and Couplers

Will need to also 3mm hardware which most has laying around,This lift is designed to be bolted down to bit of wood,Has been tested and listed 3kg with motors we provide the links to

Recommended to print all arms and moving parts in atleast a PLA Carbon Blend to provide to be rigid enough to handle weight you wish to really test it

All electrics are housed in the Toolbox which to keep setup all nice and clean

Motor Controller-


1/10th Parts STL Files,If your looking for a part to finsh off your custom build and have a 3d Printer,You can buy the STL file to print your own partsThese files are for PERSONAL print use own,Not to be printed to be sold,OR uploaded to any file sharing sites!

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