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RevXS Customs Drag Bike Flaring

RevXS Customs Drag Bike Flaring

Replacement body for our 1/10th Scale Drag bikes,Formed in 1mm Polycarb OR 1mm PETG

Polycarb will last longer than PETG but also is higher cost

Do require trimming to fit and also painting

Due to nature of the sport bodys will break,Please take gear to ensure all cut edges are smoothed off with sand paper and also recommened to line with duct tape if you want to prolong the body life

**As these bodys are made DIY in house some webbing may occur mainly in around seat area due to these moulds being designed for PETG and not polycarb which can be harder to form,Does not affect strength in anyway,At this stage Polycarb bodys will have NO oversrpay coating**